About Aavansi Girls Hostel


The Aavansi girls hostel is located in the heart of metropolitan city Kathmandu Nepal. It is located at center of the city from where the hospitals, the shopping malls, restaurants, and colleges are easily accessible. The hostel was opened in the year 2075 B.S. With highly  experienced and professional members who look after all the managerial and administrative functions of the hostel.
The public transportation and vehicle stop are located at a walking distance of the hostel so the students can easily travel. More than Hundreds of students have stayed and enjoyed their study. Students stayed at Aavansi girls Hostel  thus referring this hostel as one of the best girls hostel  in the city. The safe and homely environment that the hostel creates and maintain for the hosteler helps them to fully focus in their study and career, avoid and prevent the conflicts.

Words From The Director

Aavansi Girls Hotel was opened in the year 2075 B. S. It is established in mission to provide shelter for the students who left their home in search of job, study and other purposes. In Aavansi Girls Hostel student will feel homely environment as we all stay as one big family. Here we provide guidance to the student for their better career. We take care of individual student and their performance at Hostel. We communicate properly with each and every student so that they can share their problems easily to us. At Aavansi Girls Hostel We celebrate each and every moment. Respect to elders love to juniors is the main theme of our hostel. Some rules and regulation are made to keep every student in discipline that helps to sharp their better future also. Due to homely and peaceful environment, hygienic and delicious foods, well behaviors staffs, student recommend this hostel as the one of the best hostel in the city. At last we welcome all the students to visit the Aavansi girls hostel once and i am sure you will surely make your decision to stay over here.

Tulasa Khadka
Aavansi Girls Hostel

What Makes Us Different Than Others

We provide facilities to each and every hosteler at an affordable price than other hostels.There’s no scarcity of water in the hostel, unlike some other hostels who promises 24 hrs water supply but don’t supply.The hostel supplies filtered water  for drinking and cooking purposes.We provide hygienic foods.
The hostel is located in the heart of the city  from where the hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants,and colleges are easily accessible. As hostel is surrounded by the best and reputed colleges the hosteler can have easily access to their entertainment and education.Public transportation and vehicle stops are located at a walking distance of the hostel so the student can easily travel.The peace and homely environment that the hostel creates and maintain for the hosteler helps them to fully focus in their study and career.Every possible assistance is provided to the students to widen their knowledge, take the right step in choosing their career and pursuing their education.The hostel has all the features and amenities that the other hostel provides at a high price. All the necessary steps are taken to maintain a high level of sanitation and hygiene. 

How To Join Us

Welcome Heartly Welcome all students to Aavansi Girls Hotels one of the best girls hostel  located at center of the city.

  • Visit Hostel with your parents of friends.
  • Fill up the admission form
  • Bring one  copy  of citizenship.
  • Bring one passport size recent pic.
  • After fill up the admission form and paid admission dues you will become the member of  Aavansi Girls Hostel.

To Keep In Mind

  • Students should follow all the rules and regulations.
  • Hostel dues should be paid on Time.
  • Student are not allowed to take any hostel property outer the hostel.
  • No hosteller is allowed to change the room assigned to her without the prior approval of the hostel director.
  • Each room must be properly locked by the occupants when the occupants are away for class or other purposes.