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About Us

Aavansi Girls hostel is Located in the heart of Kathmandu Metropolitan city to help the girls who stay far away from their home due to study or job purposes. This hostel is one of the most affordable hostel in Kathmandu with peace environment suitable for good stay and education.
Students from all over the nation and studying in various faculties like medical, engineering, management and many more have already resided in the hostel. They all have found this hostel as their second home and refer to this hostel as the best place to enjoy the stay in the capital. 

Who we Are ?

We are the member’s  of  Aavansi Girls Hostel located in the heart of kathmandu metropolitan city. Our Mission is to provide shelter for the student’s who stay far from their house for their study and other purpose.We provide the great hospitality to our students with homely environment. We take care of each and every individual students and share joys and sorrow together as one whole big family.

Why Choose Us ?

The hostel has numerous facilities that they provide to every hosteler at an affordable price. It has fitted the wifi service so each student can enjoy the high-speed internet in their rooms and the property of the hostel. It has fitted inverter, generator, and batteries so the power supply is not interrupted and their study is not hampered in any way. The hot and cold water supply for 24 hours for shower, cleaning, and washing.
There’s no scarcity of water in the hostel, unlike some other places where they say the water is provided for 24 hours but is supplied for only one hour. The hostel provides what it has promised to give to the students. The complete measure is taken for promoting the health and hygiene of the hostel member. So the hostel supplies the filtered water from the euro guard for drinking and cooking purposes.

  • Peace Environment suitable for a good stay and education.
  • Free Wifi
  • Adequate water supply
  • News Paper
  • Bed, Mattress, Bed sheet, Quilt, Pillow all provided by hostel
  • 24hrs electricity
  • Three Beded rooms( it can be reduced or increased as student desire)

Rules & Regulation

Every student should sincerely follow all the rules and regulation of the hostel.

  • Bad language, chewing betel nut, smoking, khaini and any other kind of intoxicating liquor, drug abuse is strictly prohibited.
  • No parties or events.
  • No hosteller is allowed to change the room assigned to her without the prior approval of the hostel director.
  • Each room is under the responsibility of the student who occupies the room. Damages of the provided furniture and the room will be duly fined.
  • Each student is responsible to keep her room neat and clean.
  • No guest will be entertained in the hostel without prior permission of the Hostel Director.
  • No hosteller is allowed to disturb other fellow.
  • Students are not allowed to take any hostel property out of the hostel.
  • Each room must be properly locked by the occupants when the occupants are away for class or other purposes.
  • Only the admitted students are allowed in the hostel i.e. no squatting or loitering within the hostel premises by non-residents.

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9803649327 / 9813375900
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Ghattekulo, Dantakali Margh
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